Thursday, 17 January 2013

Secret of their success

If you're a screenwriter, producer or director, you're probably wondering where your next big hit is going to come from. Forget all that film school bullshit about Eisenstein's shot and cut or mise-en-scene, what you need are as follows; simple glowing shapes. Preferably blue. The simple glowing shape is enigmatic, mystical, powerful. It looks cool. Try it, have your leading man position it in front of him and contemplate the glowing spectre in front of him.

And having one in your movie will make it a guaranteed box office monster. Joss Whedon knew it.

Avengers worldwide box-office: $1,511,757,910 
Ridley Scott knew it.

Prometheus worldwide box-office: $402,486,687
Martin Campbell didn't. Sorry Ryan.

Green Lantern worldwide box-office: yeah.....

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