Wednesday, 16 January 2013

You Got The Music In You

Every now and again, we like to throw the spotlight onto the awesome people that live on the internet. We found some gifted folks who, like us - love movies. Only they can play instruments like rock stars. Below are a few who are well worth checking out if you haven't already.

First, Sylvain Cloux's take on the Jurassic Park theme - can it be improved? With a hint of heavy rock, anything can be improved!

Next is an embellishment of Hans Zimmer's Dream Is Collapsing from Inception. Its an already epic tune but this young scoundrel plumps it out a little with a "band" vibe.

With Hollywood as bankrupt as it is - creatively speaking (we still love you though) naturally, they've been turning to TV shows for the next big franchise. With MacGyver in the frame for a cinematic outing, the suits could do worse than speaking to this guy about helping with the soundtrack...

To book-end things nicely, we finish how we started - with Jurassic Park. There are many people out there who say "Yeah, I play a little" when talking about an instrument, or like to imagine themselves as musicians. Thats fine. But then theres this individual. With a talent which can only be described as unbelievable and an ear for melody that is haunting, we give you our final video. A beautiful reworking of the Jurassic Park theme.

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