Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The coolest alt movie posters we know right now...

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But everybody knows that's bullshit. We do judge based on appearance - it helps us decide whether something is worth investing time in or not, we can't help doing it. So you can imagine how important the one-sheet is for a movie. The poster, the single image that sells the movie. I'm sure you have some favourites - or even remember a poster that was better than the movie itself...

The impression a great movie poster leaves on you is no small thing. What we've herded together right here are 10 of the coolest alternative movie posters created by artists who don't just have and obvious skill and talent but a real affection for the movies themselves. We like that.

Some of the pieces create a new vibe, some enhance the feeling you had when you remember the film, but all  of them are quite fetching really.

10. The Fly - by Strong Stuff
Considering the messy chaos of David Cronenberg's movie - the poster for this movie is remarkably clean and ordered. The macabre motif of the human / fly mash up is a nice reference to the horror within...

9. Scream - by Alex Pardee
The idea for this poster is so simple it kicks ass. Its genius! The iconic Scream mask is created by referencing Drew Barrymore's demise in the first installment; the intestines of the unfortunate girl are recreated here in a bloody heap rather splendily!

8. Reservoir Dogs - by Edgar Ascensao
Like the poster above, this one references scenes and props from the movie to really cool effect. The mixture of nik-naks and items all come together nicely to form a visceral image that sets the tone for the movie.

7. Face/Off - by Sam Gilbey
This one is like a diagram for the few people struggling with the concept of Face/Off. It also has doves. John Woo likes doves.

6. Tootsie - by Wieslaw Walkuski
Tootsie is a great movie. It works as a comedy of the sexes, as slapstick, as an essay on how women fought their way through sleazy sexist male environments in day-to-day work and it also shows how much of a truly gruesome woman Dustin Hoffman is. This piece is quite grungy compared to the original which featured a beaming Dustin Hoffman as the eponymous "lady". We prefer this one. *shudder

5. Batman Begins - by Nicolas Alejandro Barbera
Of course there's gonna be bats on this poster BUT its all in the delivery. The theme and iconography of bats ran strong in Batman Begins and that energy is transferred into this piece. The colours are a little untraditional for a Batman movie, but then again, Batman Begins was a little untraditional for a Batman movie.

4. The Mist - by Daniel Danger
The Mist is one of the best horror movies in years and its the powerful ending of that movie that this poster references here with Lovecraftian monsters on the loose. Its simple, un-gimmicky and just damn creepy.

3. Iron Man 3 - by Paul Shipper
This is one of those pieces that has so much craft and detail, it keeps you looking and looking. Its a marvel (geddit?) Apart from the technical quality, it really captures the tone of the movie: a beleagured Tony Stark inside a vulnerable Iron Man, saying a lot while remaining understated.

2. First Blood - by Ken Taylor
This is a throwback to the classic poster style of the much loved and revered Drew Struzan. You have the main character and framing him are memorable elements of the film itself. Like Paul Shipper's poster above, theres so much to look at and admire.

1. The Thing - by Randy Ortiz
OK, so this poster is somewhat fantastic. Its a piece that begins to describe how horrific the actual film is, and the artist uses a pivotal scene in the movie (the makeshift bloodtest) as a platform. The grotesque creature fits well with the vibe of the film and the artist deserves lots of credit for making the brave choice of recreating his version of the "thing" in high detail.

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