Sunday, 21 April 2013

Belfast's Got Evil (Dead II in Ormeau Park)

Ormeau Park, Belfast. Saturday 20th April 2013. The forest was full of screaming, demonic chanting and foul looking ghouls. Also, Evil Dead II was being screened...

The screening happened as part of the Belfast Film Festival and proved to be an inspired choice of location as many of the faithful and curious arrived and got into the spirit of things. The park became part of the film, which became part of the park... The weather could have been a lot worse, the light drizzling couldn't spoil the fun or take away the pure goodwill there is for this film. The best evidence of this was the joyous cheer that erupted when a certain Mr. Campbell uttered the word, "Groovy".

Well done to Belfast Film Festival and the local authourities for making this happen and for the hardy souls that dared venture into the woods...

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