Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Don't close the book, just write a new chapter: Part 2

In the spirit of the last article, we'd be remiss not to offer you an insight to cinema - Norn Irish style. What follows are mere glimpses of a dream, one we can allow ourselves to ponder on and think "what if?" What if it was Belfast, not Hollywoodland that pulled the strings...

Clint acknowledges the contentious fleg issue.

Imagine...Bruce delivering knuckle sandwiches up and down the Lagan.

Tom shows us what its like to be the most patriotic man in East Belfast.

All those years wondering what was under that suit at UTV? Now you know.

Robbins' and Freeman's take on how two Belfast men survive one of the cities most famous streets. 

Theres a storm coming. Will Marty and Peter help George and Marky-Mark to save the day?
See, Belfast would've had some major hits with these - who wouldn't want to see Enter The Lagan?!

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